Traveling Frustration

There are always disappointments or frustrations while traveling.  Many of them can be overcome with a positive outlook or an easy going personality.  My main frustrations happen to be personal limitations.  I did not get to see everything I wanted to due to either experiencing a migraine or being afraid of having a panic attack.  The two times I was unable to attend events due to migraines was a play in London at the National Theater and visiting the Borghese Museum.  The play I am ok with missing more so then the Museum due to the sculptures I missed seeing.  Such as the David by Gain Lorenzo Bernini era 1623-1624 depicting the act of killing Goliath.  This museum held many more wonderful sculptures I had wanted to see.

The last frustration which was for nothing was being afraid of having a panic attack at the Vatican.  Due to descriptions of previous years when our study abroad group went into, the Vatican being extremely crowded. I chose not to go knowing that if I was in the middle of a large group of people pushing and shoving I would not be able to control the anxiety that would rise up.  With this choice, I missed seeing the Sistine Chapel and other wonderful works of art.  The crowds were very limited on this day which was unusual. If I had just gone ahead and went to the Vatican to see how crowded it was I might have been able to see the wonders it held. The only bright side of missing these things is that it will give me another reason to return to Rome, but it was a disappointment to miss it in the first place.


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