St Peters

St Peters is a majestic and beautiful church.  Hearing the bells ring to welcome the crowds for service was a full body experience.  Sadly as many of the old churches and monuments we could not take pictures of the inside, which has murals of saints, last supper, and other beautiful art. The gold that sparkled throughout the building could have been mistaken as gaudy or over the top, but it did not.  It helped to highlight the art and sculptures that were being displayed. Another fascinating thing about this church is that has stood the test of time.  It was a place of refuge for those escaping the great fire of London as well as being bombed in WWII. Neither time did it fall.  It is a must see when touring London and evening song on Sunday is a great way to see it free of charge.  They do request a donation which is at least one could do to see the wonders of this beautiful monument.


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