The personal journey traveling abroad which has grown in me is both wonderful and inspiring.  Looking back at the pictures starting in London I see an insecure a frightened individual.  As time passed slowly I see the confident and positive person I truly can be.  The wonderful group of people who traveled this journey with me not only facilitated friendships but also helped to encourage myself confidence to surface.  Not knowing if I could keep up with the group as we walked all over London and Rome became a non-specifier as I was not only keeping up but helping to lead the pack.  Prior to leaving it was difficult to reach a goal of 6000 steps per day and while there if we only walked 10,000 + (4.5 miles) steps per day it felt like a simple stroll.  Days where we really worked on our walking was when we reach 17,000+ (9+ miles) a day, with some even walking 13+ miles.  I am amazed at how spoiled we are here in the US, we drive everywhere, have bathrooms, garbage cans, elevators, and AC where ever we go. In these city’s we visited the limited access to elevators, AC, bathrooms, and even garbage cans was very prominent. It is no wonder why we have such an obesity rate with how lazy our nation is.  This experience has shown me how to make some major changes in my life to help me with my health as well as the environment.  Oh, how I dream of returning to these beautiful places and the changes they helped to create.


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