Ostia Antica

While walking along these cobblestone roads all over Italy one might not think that buried deep beneath the ground could be lost treasures from century’s gone by.  This, in fact, is exactly what happened here at Ostia Antica.  Someone decided that there might be artifacts buried under many layers of volcanic ash.  In the 19th and early 20th century, the excavations began at the port city which consists of an extremely large archeological site.  The scientific research of the location would begin under Dante Vaglieri in 1907.

What I think is most impressive is that the mosaics have been preserved in a manner that allows visitors to depict what types of business were located at each site.  Unlike Pompa, Ostia Antica did not have the human remains caught in the last flight prior to death.  There were many tributes to those who had passed prior to being covered, but no human remains lying in the street.

The history of Italy is astonishing and one can fill insignificant next to these archeological sites.  The fact that so much history is in one place and is still being rediscovered is truly mind boggling. In the next hundred years who knows what other historical places will be discovered.


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