Language = Noise or Song

To pick one place to describe the sounds of Italy would be too hard.  When first arriving in Rome the language was just noise, it sounded like a machine gun and was hard to listen to due to not understanding what was being said.  The realization that this is how others must feel when they visit the United States and we talk at them rather than to them in English.  It is overwhelming and no wonder people become upset and shut down.

As the days went by this noise started to take on a new sound.  It was no longer just a machine gun in my ear but beginning to sound like a melody. Italian has such a musical quality to it, that you start to tune into the rhythm and then pick up on the words and there meaning.  By the time we visited Frascati I was able to listen to the tour of the vineyard as if the tour guide had been speaking English.  Not that I understood the words but I was able to understand the body language as well as the enthusiasm she had in talking about her products.  Frascati will always hold a dear place in my heart for allowing me to communicate without words and experience someone else’s dream.


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